Roger Eric Mbede arrested for homosexuality and could spend three years in prison, still waiting to be tried.

Published: October 1, 2012

Associations working daily to the promotion and defense of human rights and the fight against HIV /
AIDS attended September 17 the Court of Appeals Tribunal de Grande Intense Yaoundé Sir beside the
former Presidential Palace "National Musé" the trial of Roger Eric Mbede following the call made by
the lawyers for the defense to his conviction of three years’ imprisonment for the crime of
homosexuality. Mbede Roger is currently on bail: being sick during his stay in prison, he has in fact
had to undergo surgery. "Michel Togue to Friday 14 septembre2012 verified that the hearing was held
since I moved specifically for this audience. Collegiality chaired by the judge, Mr BALL MEKE told
him that the case was ready and so we could argue the merits. At the hearing, the composition of the
panel of judges had changed. The new team headed by Mr DLAMDOUDOU, Mr and Mrs Iroume
AMOUGOU BELINGA first raised the first incident. According to her, was missing documents in
their file. We went looking for them. (As if it prevented the hearing …). Then she raised a second
incident is the pseudo citation irregular complainant. They therefore decided to postpone the hearing
on November 19. «Declaration Me Ditisheim Saskia, a lawyer practicing in New York and Geneva,
presidents lawyers without borders Switzerland, second Togue me through this trial.

Notwithstanding, seven people are being detained for homosexuality, six in the central prison in
Yaoundé: SINGHA KUMIE Jonas DJOME Franky OMBWA Joseph Magloire, TIOMELA LONTSI
Emma NTSAMA Seraphim Nicolas Ntamack. While one detention center to the prison in Douala New
Beautiful: Gervais Akam. By cons Assom NDEM born Djula, ABOA Esther Martine ABESSOLO
about Solange are released pending a decision on further procedure. All these people were arrested
following a procedure that does not comply with the Code of Criminal Procedure Cameroonians.
These trials violent and do not meet either the code that is subject to these arrests. Have occurred in
the absence of flagrante delicto, no evidence has been provided to the minutes of the preliminary
synthesis: each time it is only speculation and statements made by the officers of judicial police.
André NLEND, one of the lawyers who had defended a case of arrest made by a friend of the victims
of multiple violations offended observed in all procedures. The defendants have never been arrested in
flagrante delicto. He did not recall their they had a right to counsel or to remain silent. They underwent
medical examinations while they were handcuffed forced. There are many contradictions in the
minutes prepared, which have also not been signed by the accused. Cameroonian associations: CAMFAIDS,

Humanity First Cameroon, Aids Acodev, ADEFHO, REDS and Colibri working daily to the
promotion and defense of human rights and the fight against HIV / AIDS again denounce violations
human rights and the use of equipment to prevent HIV / AIDS as evidence of a crime, be it sexual.
We urge the Government of Cameroon for the immediate release of SINGHA KUMIE Jonas DJOME
Franky OMBWA Joseph Magloire, TIOMELA LONTSI Emma NTSAMA Ntamack Seraphim
Nicolas Gervais and Akam who are currently detained in prison for homosexuality central Yaounde
and Douala. We also call for the immediate cancellation and without delay legal proceedings against Mr Roger Eric Mbede and other defendants. Lack of evidence, each of irregularities in procedures,
non-compliance by the Cameroonian government’s international commitments is all elements that
should allow today the cancellation of these proceedings and the release of all accused of
homosexuality in Cameroon. The criminalization of homosexuality in Cameroon is an aberration both
health, legal, political, and above all, human. This is evidenced by:

– The national strategic plan to fight against AIDS 2011-2015 clearly shows that men who have sex
with men are considered persons at high risk of contamination. The criminalization of homosexuality
makes it difficult to prevention work. It promotes an atmosphere of unspoken conducive to risk-taking.
It not only puts at risk men who have sex with men but their families, especially their potential female
partners, whether married or not.

– Article 347 bis has not been passed by Parliament, the only institution with legislative initiative with
the President of the Republic. It is therefore illegal.

– The Constitution No. 123 of 22 April 2008, as well as conventions and treaties signed and ratified by
Cameroon, embody the principle of the protection of minorities and equal rights for all. It takes in fact
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948.

– In a speech on 10 February 2006, the President of the Republic, Cameroon first guarantor of human
rights called himself the privacy of "sacred".

As in any country, in Africa and elsewhere, a simple examination of reality, then and now indicates
that some men occasionally or regularly, or not exclusively, have sex with other men. The law will
neither deny nor do silent and still less away with this reality. Beyond all controversy, homosexuals
and homosexual Cameroonian only want one thing: to enjoy serenity of their citizenship without being
bothered or harassed by a law of another age.


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