MPact launched the Spanish language campaign to highlight the activism and resiliency of gay, bi and queer folks in Mexico and Latin America.

Sex is valuable. You can live with HIV and still have a fulfilling and pleasurable sex life. This campaign is an affirmation of the sexuality of people living with HIV and an understanding that our rights are fundamental.

It was developed as part of the SHAG Consortium’s larger Right To campaign.

“Right To” is a campaign that seeks to explore the rights about sex and sexuality for people living with HIV.

People living with HIV have the right to sex, body autonomy, community, and freedom of expression.

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The Sustainable Health Advocacy for Gay men or “SHAG” Consortium is devoted to creating more supportive legal and policy environments for gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men around the world. This Consortium has been formed in collaboration with MPact and four additional regional networks under the Robert Carr Fund grant.

In 2020, The SHAG Consortium launched the “Right To” Campaign, a new global campaign dedicated to ensuring the rights and dignity of gay and bisexual men around the world.