RGOD2: The gay man who drove with Mandela

Published: December 6, 2013

 I heard the news of Nelson Mandela’s death in the Monterey Institute of International Studies just before the school showed the film “God Loves Uganda.” Roger Ross Williams’ controversial documentary on the negative impact of exported American evangelical homophobia is one of 15 documentary films shortlisted this week for a potential Oscar nomination.

We will know Jan. 16 if the film will get a nomination. These films are important to our understanding of both what makes the world go round and our participation in the positive and negative forces we bring to the story.
The positive contribution of LGBT Africans
The role LGBT people play in the positive history of Africa is another story, yet to be told. The material for these future Oscar- winning movies is happening “right here and now” in our time and the heroes and sheroes are living under enormous difficulties and constant threat of their lives.
Most of us are oblivious to the circumstances under which they live and the way their leadership and profoundly grace-filled lives will give life to others. It is only after a time, we get to hear their stories. We depend on creative producers like Roger Ross Williams to tell us their stories and to join the dots in the still hidden positive contribution LGBT people are making to global equality.
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