Report On the events for ''Getting to Zero'' campaign Implemented by ''New Generation'' Non-Governmental Organization

Published: December 1, 2011

On the 1st of December the whole world stands to announce the World AIDS Day with “Getting to zero” slogan for the year of 2011. This calls everybody’s attention to be paid to this highly specific issue by joining the efforts of all local and international organizations in the process of response to AIDS.
In the concern with the 1st of December, 2011 New Generation NGO implemented “Getting to zero” campaign which included seminars, discussions, film screening and exhibitions.

On the 27th of October the project got started. The aim of the seminars was to raise the awareness of the representatives of NGOs, Police station, higher and vocational educational institutions on HIV/AIDS related issues.

This gave them an opportunity to avoid intolerance, stigma/discrimination, also to beware about people living with HIV and about those institutes which can support such people.

As the result: 20 NGOs’, 45 police’s and 115 educational institution’s representatives gained an appropriate knowledge on HIV/AIDS.

The seminars were provided by non formal education methods. At the end of the seminars all participants received certificates.

Film screening ere held during November as well. 60 youth representativesaged 18-30 (including MSM1) took part in film screening and later discussion activities. After film screenings discussions and debates were held among the participants and NGOs’ the aim of which was to highlight the reality of nowadays, to avoid intolerance, stigma/discrimination and to raise people’s awareness on MSM
/LGBT2 communities.

On November 7th ”New Generation” NGO organized "HIV/AIDS prevention among MSM in Lori and Shirak regions of Armenia" project presentation (implemented jointly with «Public Information and Need of Knowledge» NGO, financed by the Global Fund to fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in
Armenia, supported by "Mission East" Humanitarian Aid Organization, Armenian Branch). 11 representatives of NGOs, Gyumri Police and Mass Media in Sirak Region took part in the event. During the presentation all works and services implemented in Shirak and Lori Regions within the project were presented. The presentation was the first in its type during which situational report about MSM in Shirak Region was announced and different questions by the participants were raised.

The participants asked not only about the condition of MSM but also asked about homosexuality. That day “Retro matinee” was organized in order to create more comfortable atmosphere between those organizations working in the field of HIV/AIDS and between those organizations which were interested in.
On December 01, 2011 “New Generation” NGO organized number of events for World AIDS Day with the following captune: “Getting to Zero”.

The events got started from 13:00 at the place near Shirak Marzpetaran where our volunteers distributed information materials and condoms.

Later, at 16:30, our group had a march for the day’s event from the square of Sharl Aznavur to the theatre after V. Achemyan. NGOs’ representatives and students in Shirak region joined the march.

The participants of the march cared with them balloons, posters and information materials.

In the square of the theatre the participants formed the AIDS symbolic sign to show the readiness of our nation to join the worldwide campaign “Getting to Zero”: Zero HIV infection, Zero discrimination, Zero AIDS related deaths.

Despite all those ”New Generation” NGO continues to be faithful to “Getting to Zero” slogan and is going to organize seminars for the representatives from the educational institutions, police and NGOs in Armenia. The events were sopported by UNAIDS/Armenia, Mission East/Armenia,

For more information on our events, please, visit our webpage at: .

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