Religious homosexuals join the march for Gay Pride

Published: June 9, 2011

Homosexual religious groups will be represented in a special float at Friday’s Tel Aviv Gay Pride March – a reflection of their growing prominence in both the homosexual and religious communities they come from.

The lesbian Bat Kol group, ‘Proud Minyan,’ religious groups from within the Israeli Gay Youth Organization, and Havruta will all be in the march.

But, while in 2010 they were represented by a private car blaring hassidic music, this year they received the endorsement of Google Israel, which has sponsored a truck for the groups.

“The fact that Google approached us is proof that it is no longer possible to ignore us,” said Havruta spokesman Daniel Jonas, of his organization and the others in a statement.

“We are involved, influential and, first and foremost, serve as a bridge between two extremes that in the not-distant past seemed distant and irreconcilable: the religious and gay communities,” Jonas added.

“We are aware of the controversy around participating in the march, but also of the great importance of it to members from the [LGTB] community, and outside of it,” said Bat Kol spokeswoman Renana Leviani.

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