Relationship between exposure to the Avahan intervention and levels of reported condom use among MSM in southern India

Published: December 4, 2014

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Kate M Mitchell, Anna M Foss,  Banadakoppa M,  Ramesh Reynold, Washington Shajy,  Isac Holly J, Prudden Kathleen N, Deering James F, Blanchard Stephen Moses, Catherine M Lowndes, Marie-Claude Boily, Michel Alary, Peter Vickerman
Original Article: 

The Avahan intervention promotes consistent (100%) condom use amongst men who have sex with men in southern India. We assessed how condom use varies with intervention exposure for men who have sex with men in Bangalore.

Methods: Self-reported condom use and intervention exposure data were derived from a cross-sectional survey.

Consistent condom use and condom use at last sex act with all, main, and casual male sex partners were assessed. Binary and continuous variables reflecting intervention exposure (including contact(s) with intervention staff, receiving condoms and seeing condom demonstrations) were used.

Multivariable logistic regression was employed to assess the relationship between condom use with each type of partner and each exposure variable independently, controlling for socio-demographic and behavioural factors associated with condom use or intervention exposure.

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