Recognition of an Organization and the Loss of a Leader

Published: May 3, 2010

Recognition of an Organization and the Loss of a Leader

The Black Pink Triangle Izmir LGBTT Association represents the LGBTT community in Izmir, the third biggest city in the republic of Turkey. Soon after its establishment in the fall 2009, the newly formed group was sued by the local government on the ground that the organization violated the Turkish morality law by defending the rights of queer poeple. This is despite the fact that the Turkish law does not ban homosexuality, and other LGBTT groups like Kaos GL and Lambda Istanbul are legally registered and operate in that country.

In November 2009, IGLHRC wrote a letter to the Turkish Government requesting that officials expedite the registration of Siyah Pembe Üçgen LGBTT Dernegi (Black Pink Triangle LGBTT Association) and clarify that LGBTT people enjoy the full rights of citizens provided by the Turkish Constitution.

On 27 April 2010, one of the organization’s founding members was murdered with a gunshot to the back of the head in what appears to be a serial killing. On 30 April 2010, a judge ruled in favor of Black Pink’s registration, reiterating the right of LGBT people in Turkey to form and operate organizations. Elif Ceylan Ozsoy is a member of the Izmir Bar Association, an LGBT activist, and the legal counsel to the newly established queer group Black Pink Triangle in Izmir. Here, Elif discusses these recent developments in Turkey.

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