Radio caller claims bisexual people with HIV are 'killing the white race'

Joseph Patrick McCormick
Original Article:

The 22-year-old named Joshua called to air his views on the issue of anal sex and HIV, claiming that gay people “educate” straight people to enter same-sex relationships.

The phone-in was hosted by Cristo Foufas, and began when he asked whether those at risk of contracting HIV should be given PrEP.

Among a slew of homophobic, biphobic, racist and anti-Semitic sentiments, the caller claimed that, due to bisexual people sleeping with straight people, “[HIV] is being spread onto the straight community and it is killing the white race.”

When asked by host Foufas why straight people could contract HIV, if indeed the virus was a way of eradicating gay people, the caller said that was “because of bisexual people”.

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