Questions Asked: SA Study on MSM

Published: November 12, 2014

Luiz DeBarros
Original Article:

The findings of the Human Sciences Research Council study, called the Marang Men’s Project, was released on Tuesday, based on research conducted from 2012 to 2013 among 925 MSM. The results were widely reported in the mainstream press.

The study found that relative to national estimates, HIV prevalence is very high among MSM in South Africa’s three largest cities. In Cape Town, the overall prevalence of HIV among the MSM recruited into the study was 22.3%, in Johannesburg it was 26.8%. In Durban, the prevalence was unusually high among respondents, namely 48.2%.

Researchers found that HIV prevalence was higher among self-identified gay men, especially in Johannesburg and Cape Town, compared to those who identified as bisexual or straight. For example, in Cape Town self-identified gay MSM were three times more likely to be living with HIV than their bisexual counterparts. “The statistical difference between the two was significant,” said the authors.

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