Queers in Quarantine | #AnalAboutMyHealth COVID Stories

The COVID19 pandemic has had a huge effect on how our communities are able to connect and learn from each other at this time. That’s why we want to hear from you!
Share a photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #AnalAboutMyHealth and tell us your story of how you’ve been coping during quarantine. Have you been redecorating? Started a new hobby? Shacked up with a new cutie so you both can stay sexually healthy?

Our Community Mobilization Manager, Johnny Tohme, shared how he has been keeping busy and staying satisfied in the last six months since quarantine started in the US.

Who is in your social bubble?

I am lucky enough to be married and have my husband with me. We also have two other roommates making our bubble four people. Outside of that, I haven’t really been leaving the house except to take the star of the house, Bullet the ever vibrant and energetic Jack Russell, out for our daily exercise.

How are you seeking sexual satisfaction during COVID times?

As a proud kinkster, I was happy that my husband and I were able to take the time and start turning our bedroom into a mini dungeon. It was actually quite affordable, we just had to get a bit creative with our space. I’ve had a lot of awesome experiences in communal dungeons which have always been welcoming, inclusive, supportive and simply inspiring to me. So to be able to replicate that where I live has been one of the fun ways that I have been taking advantage of these stressful times. I cannot control what’s going on out in the world, but I can control what’s in my bedroom. Besides, the more the bedroom is like a play space, the more game I get 😉.

Are you taking any extra precautions to stay sexually healthy?

Since my husband and I haven’t been sleeping around with anyone else, the only thing that’s different now is that I stopped taking PrEP temporarily. In consultation with my doctor, of course!

Have you been taking care of your mental health? If so, how?

Honestly, I have not been doing the best job at it, especially that I am working from home, so it’s really hard to separate my workspace from my living space. Every now and then though, I indulge myself with a little bath with candles and music.

Name one positive thing that quarantine has brought you.

I found myself having more time to practice some of my favorite hobbies like writing and drawing, and also to pick up new ones like photography. Here are few examples of shots that I have taken while spending so much time around the house and the back yard:

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