Queer African e-magazine, Q-zine, issue two: The Identity Issue

Published: December 14, 2011

Editor’s note

Where do African queers belong? Politicians tell us we belong in the West, where our “unAfrican” desires were supposedly invented (like their three-piece suits). Preachers tell us we are from Sodom and Gomorrah (but somehow survived the fire and brimstone). Others say we belong with the animals but that we are also “unnatural” (figure that one out).

Of course, we know very well that we belong right where we are. The harder question is: how do we belong? In the face of all this illogical hostility, how do we assert our right to be here and to be exactly who we are?

The question of belonging is becoming more and more central to queer culture and politics in Africa. As African LGBTI movements push against discriminatory laws, and African reactionaries push back by denying and criminalizing the realities of our lives.

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