Pucker up for CANFAR

Original Article:  bit.ly/1zUaNig

Pucker up, kids. CANFAR wants to see your best smooching selfie to help raise awareness about HIV and AIDS.

Kisses 4 CANFAR is a Canada-wide campaign focused on giving youth the information and tools they need to make responsible sexual decisions and create positive change in the fight against HIV and AIDS. When it comes to sex and drugs, people’s choices can put them at risk of HIV, and some groups may be more at risk than others. HIV infection rates are rising among gay men, particularly young gay men. In Canada, nearly half of all new HIV infections in youth occur among men who have sex with men.

Research shows that stigma and fear are two of the biggest barriers to addressing HIV rates; that’s why Kisses 4 CANFAR wants to ignite conversations about HIV and AIDS, especially prevention and the reduction of stigma. CANFAR works to bridge the gap in education, address myths related to HIV and AIDS, and create a safe space for dialogue. It’s important for everyone to know the facts, to understand what it takes to stop the spread of HIV, and to treat everyone with dignity and respect regardless of their sexual orientation.

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