Public health benefits of same-sex marriage

Published: August 1, 2011

Here is a important article in the June 2011 issue of American Journal of Public Health, an internationally recognized academic journal. The author extends the evidence for a positive relationship between marriage and reduced sickness/death, well documented in the case of other-sex couples, to the case of same-sex couples.

While some issues such as access to health insurance and tax benefits for married couples discussed in the article are more pertinent to citizens of the US;  the authors’ points regarding coping with stress of being lesbian, gay or bisexual, and psychological/health benefits of being in a relationship; are probably relevant to non-US contexts as well.

An important issue that is not addressed in this article is the stress  and health implications of keeping a same-sex relationship secret, or dealing with family/social rejection because of being in a same-sex relationship. Given the numerous instances we hear about; of same-sex couples being ostracised, separated and stigmatized; one wonders if the stress faced by same-sex couples who are known to be in a relationship. is more than the stress faced by people who are single and queer in a largely homophobic society.  Of course this would not be an argument against same-sex relationships, but for simultaneously undoing society’s homophobia – something that can’t just be legislated away. It would be interesting to get responses from you, the readers, on this.

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