PT Foundation concerned by the ban on Seksualiti Merdeka

Published: November 4, 2011

Kuala Lumpur – November 4, 2011

PT Foundation is concerned with the negative effect that the police’s blanket
ban on Seksualiti Merdeka will have on the HIV prevention, care and support
work it does with the communities most affected by HIV in Malaysia.
The communities we work with are often marginalised and difficult to reach
and we at PT Foundation work with a wide variety of organisations that allow
us to better access these communities – one of these organisations is
Seksualiti Merdeka. HIV is a significant problem here in Malaysia. The
Ministry of Health AIDS Registry registered more than 91,000 Malaysians
living with HIV. In 2010, for the first time in Malaysia, HIV infection through
sexual transmission has over taken injecting drug use as the main source of
infection. Therefore it is more important than ever that effective and targeted
HIV interventions to all communities happen.

We call on all Malaysians to exercise compassion and wisdom in dealing with
the issues brought up by Seksualiti Merdeka. We also call on the authorities
to ensure the safety and security of all those involved in this, especially
Seksualiti Merdeka’s organisers, volunteers and supporters.

For further information please contact PT Foundation on +603 4044 4611.

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