Probe Into Disputed Report of 7 Slain LGBT Ugandans

Published: August 17, 2014

In response to a request from the leadership of several LGBT organizations in Kampala, Uganda, the article “Report: 7 LGBT Ugandans slain; 65 flee abroad” has been removed from the blog — either temporarily or permanently.


Kampala-based LGBT community leaders who have expressed an opinion are united in their belief that the report of the fatal stoning of seven LGBT people this month at two locations in rural Uganda is a fabrication.

The leaders of the Friends New Underground Railroad in the United States and in East Africa stand by their account of the murders.

The Friends Railroad has provided some additional information about the reported incidents to the gay-friendly Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF) and to Human Rights Watch in order to allow them to conduct independent investigations. To the extent possible, this blog will also investigate and seek first-hand witnesses.

Any findings will be reported on the blog.

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