Pride Organisers Seek Police Protection Following Threat by Ultra Nationalists in St. Petersburg

Published: June 21, 2010

ST PETERSBURG, June 21, 2010  –  Police protection has today been requested by the organisers of St. Petersburg Gay Pride following calls over the weekend for violence by several ultra nationalist groups on their Web sites. And yesterday the committies of Gloucestershire Pride in UK, which also has a Gay Pride march scheduled for June 26, disscussed the problems in Russia and decised to show "solidarity" with St. Petersburg.

Requests have been made to both the police at the St. Petersburg chief prosecutors’ office.

“As of today, we have been informed that a number of xenophobic and nationalist organizations are calling on their websites to assault the participants of St Petersburg Gay March next Saturday, ” Maria Efremenkova, chief organiser of Pride,  told UK Gay News this afternoon.

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