Press Release: Insecurity and Homophobia Prevail in the City of Douala

Published: February 6, 2012

The association Alternatives-Cameroon is deeply concerned by the climate of
insecurity and homophobia that prevails in Douala. Last Saturday, 2nd February 2012,
the image of the Access Centre has been linked to the promotion of homosexuality
and the names of two employees of the centre were cited in the testimony of an
alleged homosexual in some local television channels.

During the weekend of 29th January 2012, a young man of twenty years old was
taken to the police station of the 7th district in the city of Douala for administering the
drug to one of his friends in order to extort certain goods.

Informed by the victim, his family finally holds the alleged drogueur. The latter was
taken to the police station of the 7th District in the city of Douala. After being beaten
by police agents, the latter decided to talk. Immediately, the agents of this police
station called a local television station to broadcast this testimony. In his speech, the
latter declared to be a homosexual and he was encouraged in this practice by the
association Alternatives Cameroon precisely Anne Marie and Jo M both accountant
and responsible of female actions in the Access Centre who usually provide him with
condoms and lubricants.

Alternatives-Cameroon condemns:
– Traps and others ambush suffered by some homosexuals in the city of Douala and
which result to the administration of some drugs in order to extort the victims;
– The acts of torture and humiliation which faced some people in the police station
during the custody;
– His concern about the danger that face some of its employees through this
inaccurate statement and thinks that such statements can have a negative impact in
the conduct of its activities;
– His concern about the negative reputation that some people would like to stick to
the association;
– Remind that the goal of Alternatives-Cameroon is the defense of human rights
including the rights of sexual minorities as well as access to care for all;

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Yves Yomb: +237
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