Press Release: Crimes and Impunity in Honduras.

Published: August 13, 2012

The Commissioner of Human Rights in Honduras Dr. Ramon Custodio Lopez, reports that eight (8) out of ten (10) crimes go unpunished for a lack of investigative reports from the government agency CONADEH and calls upon the authorities responsible for security in Honduras to strengthen their investigative capacity.  This also includes the violent deaths of 61 policemen in 2011; CONADEH has not made a report on the circumstance in which these officers were killed.  The same situation applies to the deaths of journalists, lawyers, women, and members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBTI) which remain largely unpunished.

This demonstrates and recognizes that impunity is by no means benefiting democracy, freedom, respect for and observance of the law.

Promotion and Respect for Human Rights is the Right to Life, which is a dream that has been violently ended for more than 80 colleagues from Honduran Sexual Diversity.

One emblematic case is that of our colleague Walter Trochez, murdered in Tegucigalpa on 13 December 2009.   It’s been two years and eight months that we’ve been asking the investigative unit of the Special Prosecutor for Human Rights of the Public Ministry for a report on the investigation, its progress and obstacles.

Human Rights Special Prosecutor Germán Enamorado is the designated official responsible for responding to our requests in this particular case while not discounting any of the other cases in the LGBTI community of the last 3 years in our country.

"Justice delayed is no justice".  A lawless state does not contribute to democracy.  Regarding to our demands, we again ask for cooperation and willingness to continue forward in the case of our colleague Walter Trochez who lives and will always live in our thoughts every day.

Our leader did not shed his blood in vain, he was never the coward to flee or hide and was strong and lent his time for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights for the needy, the most abused and the eternally excluded.

"Walter Trochez lives and our demand is for justice, not impunity in Honduras"

Jose Antonio Zambrano
Activist, Human Rights Defender

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