Presence of an HIV Testing Program Lowers the Prevalence of Unprotected Insertive Anal Intercourse inside a Gay Bathhouse among HIV-negative and HIV-unknown Patrons.

Published: November 11, 2014

Pollack LM  Woods WJ  Blair J  Binson D
Original Article:


This study sought to determine whether the presence of HIV testing inside a gay bathhouse reduced sexual risk behavior among patrons. A two-stage, time probability, cluster sample design recruited men exiting a northern California bathhouse in the last 5 weeks of 2001 (N=440), when no HIV testing was offered inside the bathhouse, and again in the last 5 weeks of 2002 (N=412) when HIV testing was offered 5 days a week. Separate logistic regression analyses compared a 2002 HIV testing exposure subgroup to both a 2001 non-exposure subgroup and a 2002 non-exposure subgroup for differences in sexual risk behavior during the bathhouse visit. Prevalence of unprotected insertive anal intercourse was significantly lower in the 2002 exposure subgroup than in the 2002 non-exposure subgroup. Similar results obtained when HIV-positive respondents were excluded. These results indicate on-site HIV testing has a preventive effect on some sexual risk behavior inside the bathhouse.

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