PrEP provides peace of mind and relief… and I don't want to be on it forever

Published: March 11, 2014

Like most people I have talked to on PrEP my sexual habits haven’t really changed. I’m still a hopeless romantic looking for the right guy, sometimes in the wrong places.  I’m still not perfect with condoms, but I also have confidence that I am still protected.  

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s HIV/AIDS was everywhere.  The news consisted of periodic death updates just like during the Iraq war.  Because I have always been a person who devours any type of knowledge I knew all about the disease but didn’t think about it in relation to myself.  Health class told me more, but I didn’t really pay attention because it was the standard fear mongering talk which said any sex was going to kill me.  
It didn’t hit home until my junior year sociology class where my teacher brought in a speaker who had AIDS.  He talked about the treatment he endured at the time including things like injections in his eyes to try and stave off blindness.  For the first time I with my eyes what the disease could do, and for a guy questioning his sexuality it was shocking.

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