Predictors of Unrecognized HIV Infection Among Poor and Ethnic Men Who Have Sex With Men in Los Angeles

Published: April 20, 2011

The authors aimed to evaluate "associations between unrecognized HIV infection and demographic factors, internalized homonegativity [homophobia], drug use, and sexual behaviors among HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM)" who are poor, urban, and of ethnic descent. Understanding these associations may help guide interventions to boost HIV testing and potentially reduce transmission, they explained.

Data from 347 HIV-positive participants from the Los Angeles site for National Institute on Drug Abuse’s Sexual Acquisition and Transmission of HIV-Cooperative Agreement Program were used. Participants were MSM and men who have sex with men and women (MSM/W), and predominantly African-American (36.0 percent) or Latino (38.7 percent) and unemployed (82.8 percent).

Multivariate logistic regression indicated that unrecognized HIV infection was associated with being African American (OR: 9.81, CI: 1.2-77.9) or Latino (OR: 10.92, CI: 1.3-88.4), MSM/W rather than MSM (OR: 3.24, CI: 1.09-9.62), and having higher homonegativity scores (OR: 1.22, CI: 1.02-1.4), controlling for age, education, and homelessness.

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