Pope Francis compares transgender people to nuclear weapons

Bob Knudsen
Original Article:  exm.nr/1CQ3zcg

Pope Francis has gained a lot of attention during his tenure as the top Catholic for his somewhat progressive views on homosexuality and the like. But his latest comments on transgender members of society have some questioning where he truly stands on the issue.

In January Il Papa met with and hugged one transgender man, even going so far as to call him personally and invite him to The Vatican. The move had a lot of people rejoicing in the more modernist direction Pope Francis seemed to be taking the church. However, only a week earlier he had called into question the now widely accepted gender spectrum theory that has garnered a lot of steam over the last few years in favor of a more traditionalist view of a gender binary, calling the former a form of “ideological colonization.” But that pales in comparison to the newest comments made public this week when his book, Pope Francis: This Economy Kills, was released with some even stronger comments. The comments have many LGBTQ supporters taken aback, like this GayStarNews article published on Feb. 19.

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