Police raid and arrest 30 people at India gay party

Published: February 10, 2013

Thirty people were arrested for alleged ‘indecent’ behavior following a raid at a gay party in Malad, a suburb of Mumbai, India.

According to a police officer who spoke with The Times India: ‘The raid was conducted in the wee hours today [10 January] and the accused were caught dancing indecently during the gay party.

‘Six eunuchs were also a part of it’.

It is likely that the term above refers to hijras, who in India’s culture are physiological males who have feminine gender identity, women’s clothing and other feminine gender roles and mostly live in the fringe of society.

The officer added: ‘Apart from those who participated in it, the organisers, DJs and stewards were also booked [arrested] in this case’.

The raid followed a tip-off received by the police that drugs were being sold and consumed on premises.
The police officer reported: ‘However, we did not find drugs during the raid’.

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