Photovoice as a Tool to Adapt an HIV Prevention Intervention for African American Young Men Who Have Sex With Men.

Published: April 2, 2011


Objective. HIV rates for African American young men who have sex with men (AAYMSM) have reached as much as 14.7%, compared with 2.5% and 3.5% among Caucasian and Latino YMSM. However, there remains a lack of HIV prevention interventions for this population. This study describes the use of Photovoice in the adaptation process of an evidence-based intervention (Adult Identity Mentoring) to make it developmentally and culturally appropriate for AAYMSM. Method. A total of 36 AAYMSM (aged 18-24 years) participated in weekly working group sessions to conduct a community-, youth-, and data-driven adaptation process. Photovoice was used as a technique to facilitate guided discussions on topics that were identified for the new curriculum. Results. Through Photovoice discussions, we identified a new focus for the adapted intervention, Young Men’s Adult Identity Mentoring (YM-AIM): development and maintenance of healthy intimate relationships. This new focus and the resulting curriculum are rooted in the voices and perceptions of the target population. Conclusions. Including youth was integral to the adaptation process and the use of techniques such as Photovoice helped ensure that the resulting adaptation was relevant to the target population.

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