Philippines: Trans woman stabbed 33 times – a week after Jennifer Laude case

Published: October 31, 2014

Aaron Day
Original Article:

Mary Joy Añonuevo was found dead at about 9:30am last Tuesday in the basement of Koozy Resto Bar in Lucena city.

As well as suffering from 33 stab wounds,  Añonuevo was also strangled to death and robbed of her possessions.

Residents called police after they heard screaming at 11pm the previous night and said the bar had been left open.

Police said they would be treating the crime as a robbery after they found a tablet, money, and jewerly were missing from the body.

Her friends, however, say they fear it could have been a hate crime because of the method of the killing.

Transgender activist Dindi Tan posted on Facebook: “I don’t know how many more sisters do we have to lose because of crimes and other gender-based violence.

Full text of article available at link below:

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