Performers seek your help for LGBT refugees in Kenya

Colin Stewart
Original Article:

Only a few hours are left to the Entertainment Fundraiser for Ugandan LGBTI asylum seekers currently lodged in different parts of Kenya. Kanobana Mwanje Franco, who is in charge of organising the fundraising event is trying out a brand new blonde wig, a silver necklace and attire for the performance.

“I will wear a silver six-inch high-heeled shoe and long black dress with a long slit up to my thigh while performing two gospel songs of Judith Babirye on stage,” Franco explained to me.

The plight of many Ugandan LGBTI people led some to flee from the country and seek for asylum on grounds of persecution for their sexual orientation, while based in neighbouring African countries. Many went into Kenya and suffered a range of challenges while based at Kakuma Refugee Settlement. Individuals also faced stigma and discrimination within the receiving/ transition center.

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