Pastor says gays are criminals

Published: August 16, 2013

 He warned that legislating for the protection of homosexuals will be a grave mistake that will start Botswana’s descent into self-destruction. He termed homosexualism and lesbianism as sinful practices that should never be condoned under any circumstances. Matlhaope spoke strongly against the ‘immoral acts’ urging government and NGOs to set up rehabilitation facilities for homosexuals and lesbians. He invited gays and lesbians to church for prayers of deliverance and counselling. The pastor said that homosexuality and lesbianism are anti-social traits. He said the gay and lesbian movements are like criminal gangs and prostitution rings. He said gays and lesbians are ‘morally challenged citizens’. He said that Botswana, like most Third World countries, promote collective effort rather than individualised effort, which is the practice in the First World. He asserted that social relationships and cohesion should be the norm rather than giving exaggerated attention to individual preferences.

"The culture of people is their pride, it mirrors shared beliefs and values. It defines acceptable standards of behaviour," he said. He stated that culture is a necessary ingredient for a healthy society, as it shapes social behaviour and therefore guarantees stability, progress and development. He argued that the government has a duty to enforce and protect the aspirations of its people and legislative and judicial interventions should be in general consonance with the prevailing societal norms." Anti-social behaviour must be met with appropriate disapproval and sanction," he contended. He said that though culture is not static and is expected to change, any such change must add value to the lives of Batswana as a whole."Apart from encouraging sexual deviation and depravity, we do not see how homosexuality, if decriminalised and recognised, can add value to our existence as a nation," he said.
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