Participatory approach beyond BCC for negotiating safe sex in a Chinese marginalized (MSM) population

Published: August 1, 2008

Participatory approach beyond BCC for negotiating safe sex in a Chinese marginalized (MSM) population

Background: The climate in HIV prevention from “official-led” so-called peer BCC/IEC program among men who have sex with men (MSM) has not been substantially changed which is due to social discrimination in context that disempowering them from accessing to mainstream HIV programs. Data presented in this study is a timely response to HIV through using a culturally appropriate participatory approach beyond a simply use of IEC/BCC model to promote MSM access their own activities for negotiating safe sex in Chengdu, where are one of biggest MSM community in China.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted in a cohort of 300 MSM with a matched comparison of a Direct Peer Training Intervention Group (DPI=150) and Indirect Peer Diffusion Group (IPD=150), using pre-test-post-test design to statistically measure the differences in HIV-related sexual practices from baseline to post-test with a follow up evaluation to test the effectiveness of intervention between DPI and IPD.

Results: Empirical evidence showed that peer-based participatory communication strategy in encouraging condom use with multiple casual sexual partners was highly effective in intervention groups in both from DPI and IPD, with the consistent rising respectively from 7.1%-7.4 at baseline to 57.6%-53.3% after one year and 73.5%-67.6% in follow up two years.

Conclusions: A key element for sustainable increase occurred in condom use was significant related to adoption of the comprehensive participatory approach at all level gose beyond official-led BCC/IEC model from a simply condom, individual and uncomprehensive oriented perspectives, to fully involve in empowering their discourse, life, right and healthcare, which as priority strategy for the success in negotiating safe sex in MSM broad contexts.

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