Pakistani TV news hands over 'gay couple' to police, calls for stoning

Published: December 18, 2013

 A Pakistani TV news reporter has invaded the home of a couple she claims are in a ‘gay’ relationship, leading to their arrests.

The show also flashed up offensive captions, saying LGBTI people are ‘worthy of stoning’ and ‘cause AIDS’.
The story on nation TV news station Abb Takk was headlined as ‘Male and she-male living as husband and wife’.
The reporter in the story goes into their home to interview them. She is filmed going through their closet, apparently without permission.
And she produces a substance she claims to have found on the premises which she says is ‘charf’ a kind of drug.
The man, who tells the reporter he has psychological problems, is living with someone who appears to be transgender of a cross-dressing male but is insultingly referred to as a ‘she-male’.
Afterwards the pair appear to be taken away by what appear to be the police – though sources in Pakistan do not know what charges they were arrested on or what has happened to them.
The video is filmed to dramatic music with words like ‘lie’ flashed on the screen when the reporter disagrees with the alleged couple’s comments.
Coming in to their home, the reporter tells them: ‘I have heard a lot about you two and you are quite notorious.’
The reporter asks the transgender person her name. When she replies ‘Muhammad Selim’, the reporter insists ‘what is your name like this,’ referring in an insulting tone to her dress. The trans person replies ‘Nila’.
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