Out at work

Published: September 6, 2010

Many people who are out as gay, lesbian or bisexual to their friends and families may still face a dilemma about whether to come out at work. Former schoolteacher Otto Fong, social worker and trainer Leow Yangfa and businessman Joshua Yim share their personal experiences.

Making a decision to disclose one’s sexual orientation to one’s colleagues is often not an easy one as many worry that being openly gay may harm their job security and/or promotion prospects. However being out would alleviate the stress of living a secret life or having to make up and keep track of non-existent opposite-sex partners, or changing the pronouns of your same-sex partner as many closeted gays and lesbians are known to do.

Join Otto Fong, Leow Yangfa, Tan Hui Yee, Joshua Yim; and laywer George Hwang at Out At Work on Sept 12 as they discuss sexuality at the workplace and workplace diversity policies respectively. The event is jointly organised by Free Community Church, Oogachaga and Blackilocks Events; and will be held at FCC, 56, Lorong 23 Geylang Level 3, Century Technology Building (Singapore).

Fridae spoke to Otto, Yangfa and Joshua, and had them share their thoughts on coming out and pointers for consideration for those who are planning to come out at work.

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