One in five gay teenage pupils at Britain's schools say they have been subjected to discrimination by teachers or other adults

Daily Mail
Chris Pleasance
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One in five gay teenagers in schools across Britain are being subjected to bullying by teachers or other adults, new research has shown.

Another third of gay male pupils said they left school without being taught anything about HIV or safe sex, despite a spike in infections nationwide.

A survey by the National Aids Trust (NAT), which quizzed more than 1,000 gay or bisexual men aged 14 to 19, also found that more than half had experienced some form of discrimination.

Of those 99 per cent said they had been targeted by another pupil, while 75 per cent said they received online abuse, reports The Independent.

However, another 39 per cent said the bullying had been at the hands of a teacher or another adult at their school.

Deborah Gold, the chief executive of NAT, said: ‘It’s an incredibly high number.

‘The idea that teachers or other adults at school are sometimes responsible for bullying and discrimination is utterly unacceptable.’

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