NYC Health Dept: How to stigmatize HIV+ gays in the worst way imaginable (Warning: Graphic)

Published: December 12, 2010

Our dear friend Jim Pickett over at LifeLube (your number one guide to gay health) sent us the heads up on this. It’s “effing” mind blowing. If we didn’t know any better we’d swear it’s the latest ad campaign from the likes of Family Research Council.

Read the following post from LifeLube:

   This ad is, hmmmmm, let’s see, absolutely hateful and totally stigmatizing to all of us living with HIV. For a start…

Thanks New York City Health Department for making us out to be demented lepers. Thanks for saying that even if we take our meds, our lives will be hell, with brittle bones and anal cancer. And thanks for the super scary voice-over to make sure we’re all appropriately terrorized.

Who consulted on this? Focus on the Family? Concerned Women of America? David Bahati, our friendly Ugandan legislator who wants gays imprisoned or dead? Satan?

How many guys who don’t know their status -– and should know their status –- will be convinced by this horror show to get tested?

Would you want to know your status if this told the truth about what lay in store for you?

Negative guys -– will the lovely glimpse of anal cancer make you wear a condom every single time, maybe scare you into a full latex body suit? Will this ad make you run for the hills when the guy you’re cruising tells you he’s POZ (aka DERANGED DISFIGURED?

Full text of article available at link below –

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