Norway: Group of 10 youths sentenced after luring and attacking gay man with fake dating profile

Published: March 14, 2014

 Ten 20-year-olds in Norway have been sentenced with community service and fined a collective equivalent of £10,200 after they lured a middle-aged gay man with a fake dating profile and then attacked him with a baseball bat and BB-gun.

The men had created a dating profile on to lure an unnamed gay man in his 50s to the Ingierstrand swimming lake, southeast of Oslo.
They surrounded him and attacked him in a car park near a wooded area, where one of the 20-year-olds swung a baseball bat and another began firing BB-gun pellets.
The man, who fled from the attack to his car, said the youths has screamed “fucking gay!” and “fucking faggot!” at him
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