'No Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation': UN Chief Ban Tells Liberia

Published: November 20, 2012

I have been quite strong in stating the United Nations’ position based on the Universal declaration of human rights; that there should be no discrimination whatsoever based on the sexual orientation, I have been speaking to many African leaders that criminalizing people with different sexual orientation is a violation of Universal Human Rights. – UN Chief Ban Ki Moon, in an interview with FrontPageAfrica

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in a short interview with FrontPageAfrica in New York on November 5, 2012 talks about the prospects for the future without UNMIL and also attempts by the Liberian legislature to criminalize same sex relationships. [/B]

FrontPageAfrica:Let’s talk about the United Nations Mission In Liberia UNMIL drawdown and the future security of Liberia what do you see?

UN SG Ban Ki Moon: I am encouraged that Liberia after going through all this conflict, it is now emerging as a country with a political and social stability. The United Nations Mission in Liberia is now going through a phase of drawing down. I have reported to the Security Council that starting from 2012 until 2015, we will go through three phases; currently we have 7,500 soldiers- peacekeepers which will be reduced to three thousand five hundred by 2015. We will continue to coordinate and closely consult with President Johnson Sirleaf and her government how we can ensure that our phased plan of withdrawal or drawdown will be helpful to Liberian government’s policies.

FrontPageAfrica: With the current situation with the cross border attacks by mercenaries in Cote D’Ivoire, what do you think the Liberian government can do to improve on the security situation with its neighbors?

UN SG Ban Ki Moon: I am encouraged that under the leadership of President Johnson Sirleaf, the Liberian government has been making great progress in terms of political stability and economic development but there are still many challenges. The situation in neighboring countries are affecting Liberia’s situation; that we cannot disregard. That is why we are paying a very close attention and how we can make sure that with this phased reduction of UNMIL peacekeepers, it will not have a negative effect on Liberia. At the same time I am grateful to President Sirleaf for accepting my offer to serve as one of the Co-Chairs to define and articulate the post MDG 2015 development agenda. I am hoping that under her leadership and other co-chairs, Prime Minister David Cameron and President[B] [/B]Yudhoyono, she will come out with bold and effective proposals next year.

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