Nigerian gay people being hunted down

Published: February 6, 2014

In northern Nigeria, gay men are being hunted down.

In front of Bauchi state’s Sharia Commission, a white-walled two-storey building, men in dark green uniforms are awaiting orders from their boss.
The man in charge of the Islamic police, or Hisbah, says the hunt began when the Hausa Leadership newspaper reported last year that homosexuals in Bauchi had formed an association. The article included a list of names.
Head of Bauchi’s Hisbah
The Hisbah tried to track them down, without success. So they looked for help.
"The imams and pastors were alerted, so that they should preach in churches and mosques about this illegal thing," said Jibrin Danlami Hassan, a retired civil servant who now commands the Hisbah, which also enforces bans on the sale of alcohol, prostitution and gambling.
"People should put [an] eye on their children and know those who are moving with them," he said.
"People should try to see where these evil things are taking place, and if they find it please tell the authority. 
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