Nigeria: Many Challenges of Living With HIV in Nigeria (II)

Published: December 11, 2014

The Guardian
Chukwuma Muanya
Original Article:

"IN same vein I am strongly convinced and appreciative of the heavy investment the American people and government had put in our country’s national HIV response. This is in no small measure of appreciation. I am also pained to see my country perform very poor in meeting agreements with partners.

" I am a living witness to the United States’ President Emergency Preparedness Fund for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) Partnership Framework Agreement signed in 2011 where Nigeria committed to contributing 50 per cent to the PEPFAR response in our country by 2015. We are at the tail end of 2014 and we have only met up with a paltry 15 per cent when we claim we are African’s number one economy."

"But today, thanks to global solidarity, social mobilization and civil society activism, we have been able, together, to transform tragedy into opportunity. We have been able to break the conspiracy of silence, to reduce the price of medicines and break the trajectory of the AIDS epidemic. This has saved millions of lives.
"We now have to break the epidemic for good. If we don’t, it could spring back and it will be impossible to end.

"We have a short five-year window of opportunity to reach the people who are being left behind, people who have been denied their rights–young women and adolescent girls, men who have sex with men, migrants, prisoners, sex workers, people who inject drugs.

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