Nigeria: 12 arrests at party; police call it 'gay wedding'

Colin Stewart
Original Article:

Sharia police in northern Nigeria have arrested 12 “feminine” young men in the middle of a party that police allege was actually a gathering to celebrate a gay wedding.

It wasn’t a marriage ceremony, said 18- to 20-year-old Faruk Maiduguri, whom police accuse of planning to marry 25-year-old Abba Mohammed.

” ‘It was my birthday party, not a gay wedding,’ he said in tears,” according to Agence France-Presse.

Aminu Daurawa, the head of the local sharia enforcement group known as Hisbah,  said the group of men “looked and acted feminine,” which prompted their arrest.

Nigerian activist Davis Mac-Iyalla was outraged.

Davis Mac-Iyalla (Photo courtesy of LGBT Asylum News)

“Nigerian police and government have no right to invade people’s private parties. The press have label this a gay wedding  to make it look like a crime and taboo,” said Mac-Iyalla, who lives in London because his life would be at risk if he had remained in Nigeria.

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