New report: Medical discrimination against PLHA in China

Published: November 11, 2010

Phoenix is a local, grassroots Chinese organization that provides services to sex workers living with HIV/AIDS. From June through October, 2010, Phoenix conducted a community-driven research project to document discrimination against women living with HIV/AIDS. The result is this report.

Working together, with the help of Asia Catalyst graduate intern Mike Frick, they drew up a research plan, obtained informed consent, conducted interviews, and drafted the report. Korekata AIDS Law Center helped with legal analysis and recommendations, and organized a meeting at the UNAIDS office in Beijing on the issue of medical discrimination where Phoenix director Li Man presented the report findings. Asia Catalyst helped with polishing and translating the final document, downloadable here in Chinese and English.

The report gives an up-close look at the experiences of people living with HIV/AIDS in China, in their own words. Because people living with the epidemic — in this case, sex workers — directed the project themselves, the report provides a laser-sharp focus on exactly where policies need to be re-examined or better implemented – specific concerns that people from outside the community might have missed.

Full text of article available at link below –

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