New Project Announcement: Universal Access 2010 Review

Published: November 17, 2010

ICASO announces the launch of a new project to support community sector involvement and policy dialogue for Universal Access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.

October 2010

The International Council of AIDS Service Organization (ICASO) International and Regional Secretariats and sub-regional partner are working with national partners in 15 countries to support the community sector to document, provide critical analysis, and undertake policy dialogue for accountability on achieving Universal Access commitments.

This project is supported by the Canadian International Development Agency of the Government of Canada (CIDA) and the Ford Foundation. ICASO would like to thank the UNAIDS Secretariat for facilitating access to relevant information.

On 2 June 2006 Member States at United Nations General Assembly adopted a Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS where countries committed, among other things, to set ambitious targets by end of 2006 to scale up the response toward the goal of reaching universal access by 2010. This process to set targets needed to be transparent and inclusive of civil society and other stakeholders. UNAIDS is currently facilitating a multisectorial review of Universal Access to take stock of where countries are in achieving their national targets.

ICASO defines the achievement of Universal Access as the ability of all people to have equal access to the quality services and/or commodities that they need to meet their HIV prevention, treatment, care and support needs.

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