New: Lube Safety Fact Sheet and QA for Advocates

Published: October 14, 2010

After an extraordinary amount of work with IRMA’s Lube Safety Working Group and members of the IRMA Steering Committee – led by IRMA Secretary Marc-André LeBlanc over the course of four months and many, many drafts – we are delighted to release two important documents to help you gain a better understanding of the safety issues around lubricants used for anal intercourse.

Many men, women and transgender people use lubricants (lubes) during sexual intercourse. Yet we know very little about their safety when used during anal intercourse (AI).

Very few studies have examined the effect of lubes on human rectal tissue, but those that did showed mixed results. Most water-based lubes tested in these studies were shown to be damaging to rectal tissue. However, some lubes were more damaging than others. Furthermore, in one study the use of lube for AI was associated with the presence of rectal sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Full text of article available at link below –

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