Nepalese LGBT rights group condemn 'brazen thuggery' of 'biased and malicious' TV programme

Published: August 16, 2012

The Blue Diamond Society (BDS), Nepal’s leading LGBT rights organisation, have issued a statement condemning “a biased and malicious” news report about their activities, which was screened on a national television station this week.
Sagarmatha TV’s Khoj Khabar programme – which is described as an “investigative journalism” show – allegedly accused BDS of corruption and fraud, claiming, among other things, that they the group’s leaders were corrupt, that they were dishonest about their annual budget and that they did not, in reality, do much for the LGBT commuinty they claim to serve.
In the statement, BDS said: “[Sagarmatha claimed we have] an annual budget of 32 crore rupees. Our actual budget is about Rs. 8 crores.
“They [also]claimed that BDS leadership have engaged in corruption and lined their pockets. They offered no proof whatsoever to support these baseless accusations. They claimed BDS does very little for the sexual and gender minority community.
“In fact, we have 38 registered CBOs, 53 offices and about 750 staff all over the country serving the community (more than 400,000 LGBTI have been contacted across the country including 5000 and more people living with HIV) with a whole range of services including advocacy, legal assistance, HIV care, counselling and treatment, prevention and the operation of a hospice center.”
The programme also outed three BDS members to their families and media. According to BDS, these three people have now had to go underground as they had “come under tremendous stress and pressure from their family members.”
BDS said they suspected that the Sagarmatha TV journalists responsible for the programme were homophobic and “the damaging piece they made has the goal of extorting BDS and its affiliated organisations for monetary gain.
“BDS is proud to announce that it will not bend to such brazen thuggery and condemns the TV channels despicable behavior in the strongest possible way.”

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