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Published: March 5, 2013

REPRESENTATIVES of a leading sexual minority group Outright Namibia (ORN) have accused former Mr Gay Namibia Wendelinus Hamutenya of spreading lies and endangering the life’s of other sexual minority people.

Gerald Randy, an activist with ORN, blasted Hamutenya during a media briefing saying he was putting others lives at risk with his socalled ‘gay list’. "Lives of many gay people in the North and in informal settlements are at stake," Randy said with anger.

Hamutenya had called a media briefing to share his experiences after reports came out that he had a ‘gay list’ which would shame some prominent Namibians.

"You are thinking of yourself only. What about others? You put many lives at stake … even my life," Randy said.

When Hamutenya was reminded about the negative implications the list might have on sexual minorities in the country, he replied: "I was not the only one talking about gays. Even (Sam) Nujoma talked about exposing gay people. Why should it be a problem now when I do it?"

The ORN representative said they supported Hamutenya as a gay man but will not support him in releasing a list of people associated with the practice.

They walked out of the media briefing.

"We walked out because we cannot sit and listen to lies," Randy later told The Namibian.

Hamutenya said ‘an unknown person’ threw a canister of teargas onto his property.

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