Namibia: One Person Cannot Easily Spread HIV Wilfully

Constancio Hishiyukifa Mwandingi
Original Article:

RECENT media reports concerning the alleged wilful transmission of HIV in Namibia need to be contested and shot down before they are considered credible.

Tuyeimo Haidula reported in The Namibian of Wednesday, 14 January 2015 (p.6) that wilful transmission of HIV remains a concern in Namibia by apparently citing an individual who claims to have deliberately infected as many as 40 people since 2002, which is a span of about 13 years.

As if in competition, the 20h00 NBC news bulletin ran the same story, quoting some counsellors and sought the reactions of both the deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Petrina Haingura, as well as that of the minister, Richard Kamwi.

These stories are alarming and worrying to AIDS service organisations and to HIV-positive people in Namibia, whose views, it seems, were deliberately left out in both cases, except for the reported view of the idiot who boasts of having deliberately infected about 40 people with HIV.

Certainly, any deliberate spreading of HIV, or any other infectious disease for that matter, is indefensible, and I must clearly be understood that I am not here to defend such despicable intentions or behaviour. However, it is important to point out that the reports appear to be based on ignorance as regards the transmission of HIV.

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