My son is gay, and I'm proud of him: Parents weigh in on same-sex debate at Supreme Court

Published: February 20, 2011

Parents of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender children go to the Supreme Court to weigh in on the debate over same-sex relationship. The story of how they came to accept and understand their children.

In the office of Minna Saran, the manager of a beauty salon in Le Meridien, Delhi, nymphets with flowers in their hair gaze out of gilt-edged frames on the walls, and ceramic angels sidle up close to fuzzy ducks and bunnies on the shelves. At her desk, with a sweeping view of central Delhi filling the window behind her, and a portrait of her son Nishit beside her, Saran herself is all steely-eyed, unsentimental resolve. The lead signatory on a special leave petition she has signed with 18 other parents, she is determined, on her son’s behalf, to defeat the self-elected guardians of “family values"

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