MSMGF releases 2014 Annual Report

Dear Friends of MSMGF,

We wanted you to be among the first to know that our 2014 Annual Report has just been published. We’re really excited to share with you some of the highlights of our work last year focused on increasing access to HIV prevention, education, treatment and care services for MSM, gay and bisexual men, and transgender people worldwide.

As our work grows in scale and the challenges at hand grow in complexity, it has become clear that an even more diverse change coalition is needed. Work that was at one time spearheaded by public health officials alone now requires the cooperation of service providers, policymakers, medical professionals, philanthropists, educators, and activists. Our goal with this report is to present our work in a way that is accessible to our entire community.

Whether it’s our advocacy in global health policy, technical assistance to community-based organizations, or human rights-related activities, we hope that our online interface helps you easily learn about the parts of our strategy that align with your professional perspective and priority concerns.

We also hope that you’ll be inspired to join or support MSMGF’s efforts in new ways.

Please visit to review the MSMGF 2014 Annual Report and let us know what you think.