MSMGF Five-Year Strategic Plan: Your Input Wanted!

Published: September 27, 2011

Dear all,

The MSMGF recently celebrated the completion of its fifth year of operations.  As we embark on the next phase of our operations, we have begun work on developing a new strategic plan to guide the work of the MSMGF over the next five years. 

As a global coalition dedicated to serving communities of MSM around the world, we feel that the goals, strategies and objectives represented in our strategic plan should reflect the priorities of MSM advocates, service providers and other stakeholders working for the health and human rights of MSM.  Thus, the process of developing the MSMGF’s new strategic plan has been largely one of listening, both to the needs of those working with MSM in diverse contexts and the ways the MSMGF can support their efforts most effectively.

After many months of conversations with a wide range of key informants working in every major world region, including MSM living with HIV, we have a Draft Strategic Plan whose priorities and projects are driven by community demand.  Now, in order to ensure we have reflected correctly MSM priorities, we are inviting general comments on the Strategic Plan.

Specifically, we want to know your opinion about:

  1. How useful the Strategic Plan would be in your work as an advocate;
  2. Important issues we might have missed; and
  3. Recommendations for strengthening the document, thereby making it more useful for the MSMGF’s work.

The Strategic Plan is available here (pdf).  All feedback can be sent to contact@mpactglobal.orgThe deadline for input is Tuesday, October 11

We are very excited to begin work with you on the initiatives detailed in this Strategic Plan!  If you do have thoughts on the plan, please do send them in.  The more input we get, the more effectively we will be in supporting your work.

Thank you very much,

The MSMGF Secretariat

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