MPact’s New PrEP Publication: 7 Case Studies

Seven Case Studies Featuring HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Initiatives Led by Gay Men in Australia, Kenya, Ukraine, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe

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There is much to celebrate about PrEP. It is one more powerful tool in the fight against the HIV epidemic, like treatment, and U=U that ensures zero transmission risk. Other exciting recent advances include injectable and event-driven options for PrEP for gay and bisexual men who do not want to take a pill every day.

But we know that not everyone who should have access to PrEP, or wants access to it, can easily get it.

This is especially true in an era where international resources for HIV, and HIV prevention in particular, are fast drying up. We also know that transgender men who have sex with men have been excluded in HIV prevention research agendas, prompting the need for more advocacy and data collection. We must therefore act quickly and effectively to make PrEP access a reality for all gay men who can benefit from it. We must also fight stigma, including HIV-related stigma, homophobia, and transphobia using PrEP as an additional entry point in our advocacy. We hope you will find this resource helpful in your work and for your community.

The case studies offered here are intended as an instructional tool for anyone interested in leading new or strengthening existing PrEP efforts. It will especially be beneficial to advocates, community-based organizations, healthcare providers, and policymakers working in HIV prevention, sexual health, or human rights.

While the specific contexts of each country are unique, there are lessons or considerations in each case study that may be relevant in other country contexts. The case studies are preceded by primers on PrEP and on PrEP pricing, and followed by a knowledge quiz, a worksheet for action planning, and additional resources. They point to the key building blocks of community-led advocacy, social marketing, training, and service delivery efforts to make PrEP more accessible to gay and bisexual men.

As always, MPact welcomes your feedback, contributions and suggestions for improvement. If you have a PrEP story that is focused on gay and bisexual men, including trans men who have sex with men, which you feel would be instructive for others – whether the outcome is positive or not – please do share it. With the information and tools provided in this case studies workbook, you should be well on your way to building and deploying an effective PrEP advocacy strategy. For advice and support in using this workbook, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Stay tuned for upcoming translations of this publication in French & Spanish