MPact Welcomes You to HIV2020 Online!

HIV2020 Online: Community Reclaiming the Global Response is scheduled to take place on Zoom from July through October of 2020. Our online event kicks off on Monday July 6th with opening remarks from leaders from UNAIDS, The Global Fund, Mexico’s CENSIDA, & The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands.

The HIV2020 alliance has decided to organize the community-led event to provide an alternative for individuals who cannot or will not participate in the AIDS2020 virtual conference. Its goal is to offer new opportunities to reaffirm the leading role communities play in the global HIV response. ​

Against the recommendations of community advocates worldwide, including the national networks of people living with HIV in the U.S., the International AIDS Society (IAS) chose the U.S. as the site for its International AIDS Conference in 2020. Their decision created a dilemma for many in the global HIV movement and reveals a willingness by mainstream HIV actors to tolerate the discrimination of people from Middle Eastern, African, Caribbean and Latin American countries, people who use drugs, sex workers, transgender people in U.S. immigration and travel policies.

Here George Ayala, MPact’s Executive Director, welcomes you to HIV2020 Online and articulates the importance of this alternative conference.

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