Mormons-yes, Mormons-have an LGBT moment

Published: November 13, 2013

There have been times while living in India that I thought the better part of valor was not identifying myself as an American, but to claim to be a Canadian or Icelander. Something benign. Call me a coward, but the impossibility of convincing some people that I didn’t bomb Muslims or help arm terrorists makes getting some work done impossible. More significantly, the security of my wife and children is more important to me than dogmatic patriotism.

I’m sometimes, similarly, circumspect about taking up for myself the LDS Church’s most recent marketing tag line: “I’m a Mormon.” I am a Mormon. But there are times when I hesitate to say so. To some audiences, this confession means that I’m a homophobic prude who wants to impose his religious ideals on everyone as legislated imperatives. My objection to this judgment often means nothing, since the assertion is that all Mormons are homophobic prudes, and therefore…
The “Mormon Moment” that lasted an unbearable six months while Romney was losing the White House last year nearly put me in the madhouse for the number of people I encountered who were unable, perfectly incapable, of making space in their brains for the possibility that some Mormons are homophobic prudes, and some are not. There’s considerable diversity of thought among Mormons.
Some Mormons can’t get this. I’m consistently surprised that some Mormons are certain that I’m not one.
The latest evidence on the side of diversity of thought within Mormonism—about social issues and other things—are the five U.S. senators who are Mormon and who, nevertheless, voted last week in favor of a bill that would ban workplace discrimination against LGBTs. And not fly-by-night Mormons, either, but Mormons as deeply Mormony as Orrin Hatch, himself.
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