More loony church pressure for Nigerian gay crackdown

Published: October 16, 2013

Gay Star News reports a new instance of Nigerian church leaders making ridiculous claims about same-sex marriage as part of a campaign to crack down harder on LGBT people, who already suffer from the nation’s intense homophobia:

An Anglican bishop in Nigeria has appealed to President Goodluck Jonathan to sign the ‘Jail all the Gays Bill’ before gay marriage makes the world end.
The bill bans same-sex marriage, outlaws anyone from forming organizations supporting gay rights, and sets up prison terms of up to 14 years for gay and bisexual people, whether or not they have had sex.
Anybody who knows somebody who is gay will have to tell the authorities or they could go to jail for five years themselves.
It was approved by Nigeria’s Senate in 2011 and by the House of Representatives in May this year and needs Jonathan’s sign-off to become law.
Now the Anglican Bishop of Asaba, Justus Mogekwu, has urged him to assent to the bill, saying same-sex marriage was not a human right but a curse.
Nigerian newspaper Premium Times reports Mogekwu as interpreting international support for  same-sex marriage as related to biblical prophesies about the end of the world.
He is quoted as saying: “I want to therefore plead with the National Assembly to appeal to the President to sign the anti-gay marriage bill into law. Same-sex marriage is evil; we will survive without the world powers, the world is coming to an end.”
But now the assembly is asking the European council to intervene and they want to accept Russian refugees. This is absurd.’ 

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